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  Sporting iD believes an effective licensed player iDentity sets up strong royalty revenue streams for licensors which will generate increased turnover for brands and retailers.   Sporting iD’s concept designers and typographers work in partnership with brand managers, apparel designers, colourists and textile performance engineers to achieve iDentity zones of real ownership, distinction, optimum performance and reliability.   Sporting iD and ITW Graphics have a robust manufacturing supply chain; people with inside knowledge of industrial application; global Distribution directly to kit manufacturers, players’ kit managers and retailers; on-site application training support; international marketing and sales.   Sporting iD has established long term international business partnerships creating Authentic Sport Heritage iDentity - adding visual passion and intrinsic value to the kits of some of the world’s greatest brands, clubs, leagues and nations for player and fan alike.  
  Sporting iD manages the professional support to make this happen.
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